The North Carolina Radon Program

North Carolina Radiation Protection Section

NC Division of Health Service Regulation

NC Department of Health and Human Services

Contact Information

5505 Creedmoor Rd, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27612

1645 MSC, Raleigh NC 27699-1645

(828) 712-0972

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Builder Support

  1. Learn the basics

  2. Review the RRNC techniques

  3. Find RRNC Training

  4. RRNC Fact Sheet

  5. Build Radon Out

The North Carolina Radon Program provides consumers with information to assist them with testing for and mitigating elevated radon concentrations in indoor environments.

The N.C. Radon Program also supports the development community to find tools and information that will support building homes radon resistant.. We do so by facilitating trainings for developers, listing certified testers and mitigators in our state and providing developers with information to encourage use of radon resistant new construction.

The N.C. Radon Program staff are available to speak at events and company training sessions.


  1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Builder's Foundation Handbook

  2. Radon Mitigation Model Standards

  3. Consumers Guide to Radon Reduction.

  4. Learn the basics about why you should build homes using radon-resistant new construction techniques.

  5. Review the techniques - learn five basic construction features of radon-resistant new construction.

  6. Get Listed in EPA's Directory of Builders. The Directory allows homebuyers to find companies that are building new homes with radon-resistant new construction techniques.